The Company

We enhance the lives of the ones you love and care for.

We do this by providing you with the tools to deliver high intensity healthcare.

The Founders

Critical Second was set up by Andrew Blood and his wife Tess Blood, in 2005. They are both nurses and directors of the company.

Nursing Cue Cards

Critical Second educational products are now used all over the world. They are embraced by nurses, disability support workers, nurse union bodies, hospitals and medical professionals.

Our premium range of card sets include: Complete Nurse, Deluxe, Medical Emergencies and Ultimate Aged Care. They are affordable and come enclosed in a beautiful glossy box; also, they are waterproof, highly durable, light weight, easy to read and to understand.

We are continually adapting our products to best suit your needs, for this reason we even have a QR code on the back of each box for immediate feedback. We are 100 per cent responsible for quality control and with that comes our assurance.

NDIS Training

Accredited with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), registered provider and currently the ONLY provider of high intensity training in Australia.

We are ventilator and tracheostomy specialists and offer a Certificate of High intensity Living, and then competency sign-off for your team.

Critical Second is now also providing training for people in their own homes who rely on ventilators in their day-to-day lives and to survive. Other high intensity specialties included are: medication administration, complex bowel care, enteral feeding (PEG tubes), diabetes, pressure & wound management, epilepsy & seizures, and urinary catheter management.