Training Solutions for High Intensity Workers

Critical Second prides itself as being accredited inside the framework of the NDIS to deliver specialist education of ‘High Intensity Training’ for individuals, participant led care teams and NDIS providers. Our team is run by specialist Intensive Care qualified nurses who also have extensive knowledge of home based care. (2007)

Critical Second provides online and in-person education in accordance with the updated NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators (November 2022) to provide NDIS workers and providers with current best practice training, to meet the NDIS Commission ‘Registered Provider Obligations and Requirements’.

MODULE A– The ‘Primary training Document’ interactive eLearning modules and workshops align with the core modules outlined by the NDIS Practice Safeguards and Quality Indicators.

The training modules incorporate principles and best practice relating to high intensity needs management for Disability Support Workers where the fundamental learning objectives can be discussed, demonstrated and practised. After Module A, a worker can commence work with a customer with the gateway is open for guided practice via a Learning Pathway. (to be signed off by an approved assessor)

MODULE B- Declaration of Competence, the checklist that pulls it all together. Do you have everything you need? Skills, Knowledge and Ethics. There is nothing new here just you making the final checks that you are ready. this is where the Document of competence is issued.

The Core Modules Covered in our Training Include;


Dysphagia & Enteral

Diabetes, Subcutaneous