Complex Bowel Care

Nurses and Nursing Education - Complex Bowel Care

Become proficient in the care of clients with complex bowel care. Learn about stoma and ostomy care, correct procedures and techniques for ostomy bag care and changes.

Pressure & Wound Care

Nurses and Nursing Education - Pressure & Wound Care

Develop the techniques and skills needed to undertake simple wound care for your clients. Improve your understanding of documentation, following care plans and knowing when to escalate care to appropriate health care team member.

Dysphagia & Enteral Feeding

Nurses and Nursing Education - P.E.G. Dysphgia

Enteral (Naso-Gastric/P.E.G Tube) Feeding is for clients with complex swallowing difficulties require the skill of their support worker to aid meal time planning and safe eating and drinking.

Diabetes, Subcutaneous Injections

Nurses and Nursing Education - Diabetes, Subcutaneous Injections

Care of clients with diabetes requires a level of skill and understanding to ensure the clients is managed as per their documented care plan.

Tracheostomy Care

Nurses and Nursing Education - Tracheostomy Care

Clients with tracheostomies require the professional support worker to have knowledge and skills ensuring they are safe. Critical Second provide educational information needed to provide bespoke person-centered care.

Urinary Catheters

Nurses and Nursing Education - Urinary Catheters

For clients with urinary catheters, safe and appropriate care is vital to maintain catheter care and minimise risks of infections.

Ventilation Support

Nurses and Nursing Education - Ventilation Support

Develop skills and knowledge in complex care needs for clients who are ventilator dependent.

Medication Administration

Nurses and Nursing Education - Medication Administration

Learn how to safely assist clients with their medication that complies with your scope of practice. CS training will provide you with the knowledge to support clients and manage medications in a safe way.

Epilepsy & Seizure

Nurses and Nursing Education - Epilepsy and Seizure

This module supports the delivery of Epilepsy and Seizure management practice standard. What risks to look for and action required to respond to risks, incidents, and emergencies.