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Relationship to High Intensity Daily Personal Activities.

This module supports the delivery of the complex bowel care practice standard.

CONTEXT: Where a support plan for complex bowel care has been developed and is overseen by a relevant health practitioner, each participant is involved in the assessment and development of their support plan.

LEARN ABOUT: Practical skills communicated consent, & support networks,

Workers will understand the support needs outlined in the support plan such as: normal stool appearance for the participant, specific bowel support requirements, what risks to look for and action required to respond to risks, incidents, and emergencies. Workers will understand the importance of timely supervision, support, equipment, and consumables required to provide complex bowel care.

TRAINING: In addition to this general best practice training, workers are encouraged to follow the self-assessment tool for reflection and development It may be required by your employer for you to have initial supervised practice, to meet the specific needs of each participant you support.

Nurses and Nursing Education - Complex Bowel Care

Preparation Skills & Knowledge

  • Understanding the support plans, and scope of responsibilities including supervision and delegation arrangements.

  • Communicating with the participant on their expectations, capacity and preferences for being involved in the delivery of support.

  • Prepares for hygiene and infection control. PPE

  • Equipment and consumables are understood and available for use.

  • Recognise the intensely personal nature of this type of support and makes sure the participant is ready to receive support.

Review of outcomes

  • Checks with the participant to discuss any changes needed to the bowel care support they are receiving.

  • Identifies, documents and reports information where a support plan is not meeting a participant’s needs.

  • Supports the participant to provide feedback and request changes to their support plan as required.

Implementation of supports

  • Follows hygiene and infection control procedures including hand washing, clean environment, and wearing gloves.

  • Delivery of support in ways that are least intrusive or restrictive and that fit into the participant’s daily routines and preferences.

  • Understand reference guides such as the Bristol Stool Form Scale to observe and record bowel motions and identify any changes that require action.

  • Understanding timing, frequency and type of support required.

  • When to informs an appropriate health practitioner in response to signs of poor bowel function or related problems.

Stoma and Ostomy Care

  • Basic understanding of the eliminatory system, what is a stoma?

  • Supports the participant to clean and maintain healthy condition of the stoma site.

  • Replaces and disposes of ileostomy and colostomy bags as required.

  • Monitors and records information required by the support plan such as outputs, hydration, and appearance of the stoma.

  • Identifies and responds to problems such as blockages and immediately informs an appropriate health practitioner in response to indicators of deteriorating health condition of the participant.

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