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Relationship to High Intensity Daily Personal Activities.

This module supports delivery of the subcutaneous injections practice standard.

Context: A support plan for subcutaneous injections has been developed and is overseen by a relevant health practitioner, and each participant is involved in the assessment and development of their support plan.

LEARN ABOUT: Support plan such as: medication requirements; dose calculation (where required); injecting procedure; what risks to look for and action required to respond to risks, incidents, and emergencies.

LEARN ABOUT: Identify what is Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Identify signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, what is Insulin? Identify signs and symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, complications of Diabetes. What is hypoglycaemia, signs, and symptoms and first aid? What is hyperglycaemia, signs, and symptoms and first aid?

SCOPE: This skills descriptor applies when supporting a participant who requires subcutaneous injections and may apply when administering a range of medications. This module contains additional guidance on skills and knowledge for workers supporting participants to manage their diabetes. Where a worker supports the participant to calculate the dose of diabetes medication, following detailed instructions outlined in the support plan, should be overseen by a responsible health practitioner.

Prior to injecting, the calculation and dose are double-checked, following arrangements established by a qualified health practitioner.

Nurses and Nursing Education - Diabetes, Subcutaneous Injections


  • In addition to general training in administering different types of subcutaneous injections, workers will be trained in the specific needs of each participant they support including an understanding of the purpose of medication, the appropriate use of equipment and medication to be injected. Workers will be encouraged to follow the self-assessment tool for reflection and development It may be required by your employer for you to have initial supervised practice, to meet the specific needs of each participant you support including the appropriate use of equipment.


  • For workers who support participants with a pre-filled injection:

    • Sets up pre-filled pens and pumps and any related equipment to administer medication.
  • For workers who support participants to manage their diabetes:

    • Supports participant to actively monitor and document blood glucose levels routinely as documented in the support plan.

Preparation Skills & Knowledge – Diabetes Management

  • Understands the support plan, confirms it is the correct and current plan for the participant, and checks the participant’s specific support requirements for example, type of medication, injection requirements, and individual preferences.
  • Checks with the participant on their expectations, capacity and preferences for being involved in the delivery of support.
  • Checks with the participant on their preferences for communication.
  • Prepares for hygiene and infection control .PPE
  • Checks required injecting medication, and related consumables are available and ready for use.
  • Understanding the relationship between glucose levels, nutrition, physical activity, weight, stress, and diabetes.
  • Understanding of working of a pen or pump and Glucose measuring equipment
  • The “rights” of medication
  • Equipment needed when delivery medication via a pen.
  • Correct storage procedure when using a pen or pump.
  • Able to identify injections sites.
  • Understanding of when to seek advice with a health professional prior to delivery.
  • • Responsibility of understanding and procedure related to adjusting and double check medication dose
  • • Understanding how to use sliding scale charts to calculate medication dose where required by the support plan.
  • Safe disposal of sharps
  • Observes the participant before, during and after the injection and immediately informs an appropriate health practitioner in response to any signs of an adverse reaction or infection.
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Documentation

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