Course Outline

Relationship to High Intensity Daily Personal Activities.

This Module supports safe Medication delivery and Medication management practice standard.

CONTEXT: This module applies when supporting a participant who requires assistance with taking medication and management of their medications.

LEARN ABOUT: What medications are, and the different types. Why and how medication should be stored and the proper way your medication should be given.

SCOPE: A support plan for Medication management has been developed and is overseen by a relevant health practitioner, and each participant is involved in the assessment and development of their support plan and may self-direct or follow a strict drug chart. The primary goal of Medications are to treat a disease or to stop a disease from happening. There are lots of different types and can be used to treat lots of diseases.

TRAINING: Will understanding the support plan and checks the participants specific support requirements to administer and store the medication, for example, type of medication, dosage, delivery procedure and timing. Some medications are restricted and monitored very carefully.

Nurses and Nursing Education - Medication Administration

Preparation Skills & Knowledge

  • The Rights of Medication Administration
  • Identify the legal ways in which a support worker/carer can administer medications vs the legal ways in which a Registered nurse can administer medications. Duty of Care and scope of work practice
  • The different way Medications are packaged.
  • Identify the level and type of physical assistance is required by the client to address their personal needs in taking medications.
  • Level of supervision required to allow a client to self-administer their medications.
  • Advise the client when they are having their medications and explain to them the process as they are supported to take medications,
  • Appropriate storage of medications
  • Confirm that all forms of medication to be administered, including dose administration aids are intact and labelled correctly.

Medication Administration

  • Follows the support plan to prepare the medication.
  • Follows the support plan to administer.
  • Follows the support plan to prepare and administer the medication.
  • Follows the support plan to administer.
  • Identifies and immediately informs an appropriate health practitioner of risk indicators such as adverse reactions and/or an overdose.
  • Safely handle and dispose of sharps and other consumables.PPE
  • Monitors and records information required by the support plan.
  • Actively involves the participant in their support, as outlined in their support plan and to the extent they choose.

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